Zettlex sensors use a unique inductive technique.

The basic principles are similar to traditional inductive proximity switches or measuring transformers but where such devices use wire windings or spools, Zettlex position sensors use printed circuit boards (PCBs).  Advantages of Zettlex inductive technology include:-

  • High accuracy
  • Stability irrespective of environmental conditions
  • Measurement performance largely independent of installation tolerances
  • Insensitivity to foreign matter
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to sense over a wide range of geometries
  • No need for bearings, bushes or seals.

Zettlex inductive position sensors can also be used to measure weight, vibration, strain, shock, tilt, pressure and even temperature (by expansion).

The use of PCBs means that a bespoke shape or size of sensor is readily engineered to suit a specific application – especially for OEMs.

Zettlex sensors are most frequently used as part of a control system to measure absolute linear position or angle (single turn or multi-turn).  Some are used as incremental position measuring devices.

Measurement ranges vary greatly – from 0,1mm to 10m and topologies include rotary, linear, 2D, 3D etc.  The most frequent forms are:

  • Small Rotary –
  • Large Rotary – >50mm diameter
  • Linear
  • Curvi-linear
  • 2D and multi-axis.

Further detail is contained in the Technical Notes PDF on the left.

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Zettlex is a sensors company.
The clue to what we do is in our logo – ‘Precision in the Extreme’.  Our inductive sensors measure position or speed accurately and reliably in harsh environments.    We:-

  • – design & make position/speed sensors
  • – supply sensor components
  • – develop sensors to customer requirements.

Zettlex sensors use a unique, non-contact technology and can be thought of as absolute inductive encoders.  The basic physics is similar to a transformer but employs printed circuits rather than the bulky wound constructions of traditional inductive sensors.  This enables compact, accurate, lightweight but robust position sensors with no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts, no maintenance, no bother…..just accurate measurements – all day, every day.
Our customers are OEMs and system integrators from the industrial, defence, aerospace, motor sport, medical, oil & gas sectors.  Harsh environments include extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, electromagnetic noise, high speeds, liquid immersion, aggressive chemicals or potentially explosive environments.
Zettlex sensors come in lots of shapes and sizes including linear, rotary (single & multi-turn), curvi-linear, 2D & 3D.  Position measurement also allows measurement of tilt, weight, pressure, vibration, strain and flow.
Zettlex is ISO-9001 certified for the design and manufacture of electronic sensors.

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