OsTech – precise and versatile laser drivers, TEC controllers and diode laser systems

OsTech develops and manufactures electronic control systems for laser diodes and thermoelectric coolers. OsTech also integrates laser diodes from different manufacturers to complete fibre coupled turnkey systems.

OsTech provides a modular system, that can supply laser diodes and TECs at different peak current and voltage ranges. All drivers offer a great variety of control options at highest precision and safety levels. Laser drivers can include up to 4 TEC controllers. Different temperature sensors can be connected: NTC, Pt100, Pt1000, thermocouple type K. We provide tabletop devices with display and OEM solutions.

We fast adapt our standard devices to customer requirements. Customised solutions include compact or economic devices, devices with special laser modes or drivers for medical applications. For our diode laser systems the laser can also be provided by the customer.

All devices have an integrated pulse generator and can be run pulsed to CW. Rising and falling pulse edges below 10 μs are achievable. The laser is controlled by current or optical power in CW and QCW modes. All devices include a wide range of preimplemented functions such as external and internal digital pulsing modes, analog modulation mode, PWM-like modes, a variable ramp for avoiding thermal laser stress or an optional free programmable sequencer for welding purposes. Multiple protection circuits ensure the safe operation of the laser.

All our devices use the same RS232 interface and softcodes, independent of the current, voltage or control routines. So you can freely scale the laser in your application without any change in the interface. Multi-channel systems are also available with RS485 and USB interface.
 OsTech also offers a wide range of accessories e.g. heatsinks, metal armed fibre cables, TECs and temperature sensors.
 Our devices are compact in size. Every device is checked thoroughly and passes a burn-in. The longterm stability and robustness meets very well the requirements of industrial or medical applications.

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