Optical thin-film filters from uv to fir . Coating capabilities with transparent conductive oxides


Our laser diode portfolio is broad, extending from cw laser diodes to pulsed laser diodes to high-power laser diodes.


Design and development of detectors Demanding products according to customer specifications


All optical requirements of the OEM’s Civil and Defense markets manufacturers.

Laser Diode Drivers

Variable pulse duration, fixed pulse duration and CW current generators are available.

electronic control systems for laser diodes

Laser current sources, controls for peltier coolers , cooler blocks

Laser Optics

Contact us directly and together we can design a product to adequately suit your needs.

reticle, test target & image analysis

glass, ceramics, and metals for a wide array according to customer specifications

SiC UV Photodiodes

UV-monitoring - disinfection and flame detection

Flat optics

Plano optics , Light pipes , Beamsplitters, Glass Wafers