Since 1963 Meridian Laboratory has manufactured brushless industrial slip ring assemblies (our  ROTOCON® Division).

  • Headquartered in Madison, WI with ~15,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.
  • 50+ year customers from over 80+ countries.
  • Complete in-house capabilities: design, engineering, assembly, quality, fulfillment, etc.

ROTOCON Overview

  • Over 6000 standard slip ring assemblies.
  • ROTOCON slip rings are designed to offer unlimited applications, mounting possibilities, and options.


ROTOCON Industries

Meridian Laboratory has solved the most complex rotating electrical connector and slip ring issues by eliminating slip ring maintenance, improving efficiency, and minimizing downtime for production and heavy-use industrial applications.

ROTOCON Advantages

  • Brushless Design
  • Zero maintenance eliminates wear parts & downtime
  • Unaffected by RPM, vibration, or other mechanical aspects of design
  • Customizable Platforms
  • Offer optimized solutions to customer requirements
  • Support single piece prototypes thru production quantities
  • Harsh Environment Tolerant
  •  Durable stainless steel & aluminum construction
  •  Sealing offered up to IP68 for harsh application & environments
  •  Zero Electrical Noise
  •  Near zero contact resistance & electrical noise
  • Provides better electrical signal quality than brushed alternatives

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