Specialist Signal Enhancement Equipment

The range includes devices capable of supplying extremely short current duration and /or high power performance, offering pulse durations of less than 1 ns and optimization for modulation frequencies up to 500 kHz.

Variable pulse duration, fixed pulse duration and CW current generators are available. These devices feature unmatched high power density and base-plate cooling, allowing you to have a compact OEM solution without the need for expensive active cooling techniques such as water cooling or air flow simulation.
These products are briefly described as follows.

The LDP-AV (fixed pulse duration) can realise pulses down to the picosecond range, while the LDP-V (variable pulse duration) is specified for pulses from 8ns to 10 µs.

The LDP-VR has been specifically developed for pulses from 2 ns to CW at a max repetition rate of 1 GHz, with outstanding analogue modulation (up to maximum of 1 GHz at 500 mA). This driver is then perfect for many applications utilising seeding solid state or fibre lasers.

The LDP-C (current generator) series shows an advantage over linearly controlled systems including a reduction in power losses. The almost instantaneous output current permits small current rise times of typically 400 ns to 5 µs. These new drivers protect laser diodes using the integrated STACKPROTECTOR feature.

Certain parameters across all these products can also be customised, enabling us to provide tailored devices to suit our customers’ specific requirements.