Mesurex has consistently tried to take this into account to offer the best and fastest customer satisfaction. For this, the core of our competence is the ability to conceive and produce a great variety of sensors, often in limited quantities. Automobile and aviation are our main markets, alongside a variety of research centers. Sensor specifications are garanted: a complete set of in-plant reference sensors is periodically sent to national laboratories and our in plant qualification procedures are the core of our business. We produce some 30000 sensors a year, spread into a great variety of models, while remaining small in size and well known in our client industries. Above all, we apply a simple but absolute rule: every sensor has a final assembly in our plant and every one is tested in real terms, never just through a simulation. Theses procedures are all traced through our quality manual and various process of our fairly elaborated ISO 9001 quality system. Mesurex is certified annually since year 1996. We also satisfy to procedures like DO-160F, ATEX and so on.

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